Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jamb question...

Yes i did! I've been trying to be really close to God but there is just one sin that I believe hinders me,fornication. Mr Dude and I can't seem to control ourselves on some days and while on some other days we manage restraint. However this problem has persisted for a while now. Ok, a long time now. Erm actually 6 years now. I'm just being honest. I like our relationship but we just want to stop having sex-thats pretty difficult once we've started isn't it? Bear in mind that he's in his late twenties and im in my mid twenties.

Well, I'm on vacation with him and we promised each other 'no touching'...
but who were we kidding? Just few minutes after being alone in the room we are tearing off each others clothes and doing the baddie (Forgive me Lord). So we did it again one more time that day and then we had IT for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner every other day! When Im doing IT, I feel good but afterwards we start staring at each other like zombies! How could we have fallen into temptation again? well thats the story of our lives.

Of course after doing IT, ive been spending days fretting, which was almost ruining our vacation, cos Im scared im preggers. Didnt they say breast tenderness and increased body temperature are the signs of pregnancy? and oh....food craving? Ive been having that alot! Well, for the one week Ive been with him and I was so very much convinced that I was preggers. Mr Dude was scared as well, and was kicking himself for not being able to stick to our 'no sex' rule.

This morning I woke up and I knew i had been feeling some fuunny cramps in my tummy all night I probably thought it was the one week old fetus kicking (I hear babies kick...lol). However when I put my fingers in my pata (pant) I felt something wet and sticky and I screamed...'yeeeeee, im having a miscarriage'...Mr Dude was just shaking his head in disbelief and he said, 'no stupid, you're on your period', and he ended it it 'and no more sex again'! Lol...So Im not pregnant? Yay! What was I thinking??? So my food craving was just ojukokoro (greed) and my body heat and breast tenderness was due to my period -Of course its my period... and I've never been so happy to see it.

But now how do we stick to our no sex rule? Jamb question


  1. First here and on your first real post, lol..
    You wnat people to comment and follow your blog? Visit other blogs and follow them , That way, you'd know haen they updated and they in turn would visit yours.
    You also have to be posting new topics mega regularly oh.. As per the sex topic I'm sure you'd get loads of help on my blog.
    Welcome to Blogsville!

  2. Hi there. Navigated here via the NBA page. Welcome to blogsville.

    Now about your post, I believe that the first step to solving a problem is identifying it. So you've completed one step. One advice I hear all the time is not to seclude yourself and your date in an isolated place. It helps. Also, try to surround yourselves with people who have the same morals as you aspire to have, and people to whom you can be accountable to. You can't do this all by yourself. Do you have Godly friends? Friends who are trying to live a lifestyle without fornication? Talk to them and walk with them, and you'll find out that you'll get a lot of help on this. I hope that helped.

  3. Welcome to blogger and I hope you relax and enjoy it here.

    Jaycee is very right in her suggestions,all the best dear as you live the kind of life that you wish to. Take care